Reunrom Product Series at Karmart.

First, i bet you have heard Karmart before whether it is online or a store at bangkok.
Karmart carries many product brand such as Cathydoll,Babybright,Crayon etc and now with Reunrom.

 Reunrom Brand Profile: 
One of the most prominent brands under KARMART corporation, Reunrom delivers to consumers all natural beauty products built upon the use of traditional Thai herbs and spices. The brand establishes itself upon the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and protection of environment, precluding use of additives and preservatives while engaging only the most natural ingredients to guarantee product quality and safety for use among consumers. The herbal series also tastefully integrates natural scents in the formulation process, extracting natural elements from fruits and plants to create the highest quality products which deliver soothing and calming sensations with every use.

Bearing the meaning of happiness and kindheartedness in Thai language, Reunrom also represents a critical milestone in KARMART’s journey of corporate social responsibility. The launch of the brand witnessed the development of a poor rural village in remote area of Thailand into a self-sufficient economy, of which majority of villagers extend their knowledge regarding traditional Thai herbs and production methods to create exquisite handmade Reunrom spa products. 

Reunrom Thai Spa series include facial care, body care and aromatherapy products, all of which embraces traditional Thai methodology and all-natural herbs so as to preserve the ecology systems present in Mother Nature. Along with modest packaging designs which utilize only recyclable packaging materials, the brand is a classic representative of simplicity and grace.
Reunrom Hottest Product Series

Thanks you Karmart for sending me the Reunrom Herbal Soap.
The Reunrom Herbal Soap series is made with all-natural ingredients such as traditional Thai fruits and herbs, giving off a pleasant aroma. 
Each soap has its unique and individual properties, and you can count on them to moisturize and pamper your skin!

There is 10 types of flavoured soap and have different benefits which is pretty interesting! Below is what i received from Karmart:)
Reunrom Chinese Radish & Carrot x Skin smoothening and balancing x Blemish, dark spot & freckle reduction x Black Sesame and Rice Barn Scrub.
Reunrom Mangosteen & Dragon Fruit x Anti-Oxidizes x Eliminates inactive skin cells x Brightens skin
Reunrom  Pink Guava & Gluta x Whitens Skin x Creates pink radiance x Slows down production of melanin.

So much of benefit from a soap ! How to use it?
Simply just rub the soap vigorously until sufficient lather foams, then using it just like your usual cleanser. 

Kelynn's thought:
I really love the soap, the scent and it benefits.
I have tired the mangosteen & dragon fruit, it is really gentle on my skin and never dry up my skin. Turn out that my skin is softer and brighter. you guys should try it!

Where can you buy it?
You can purchase Reunrom products at and also check out their latest promotions on their Facebook ( & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!
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