Why Pout Care? Pout Care featuring natural ingredients, delightful fruity scents and fascinating characters on Children Shampoo - Review.

Pout launched its own brand pout Care –  

A Natural Hair Care range made in Australia and designed specifically for children’s hair and skin needs. Featuring natural ingredients, delightful fruity scents and fascinating characters, pout Care is fun, gentle and safe for all children.

Thanks you Pout Singapore for sending it to us. Natural ingredients is the best for children.
Definitely have no worries using them!
Parcel received with :
➡ Natural Shampoo in Strawberry magic & Blueberry potion
➡Hydrating Conditioner in Green Apple Whoosh
➡Natural Detangler in Peaches & cream
➡Natural Hair Wax in Huckleberry Sorbet
Natural Shampoo in Strawberry magic & Blueberry potion
Both Strawberry Magic & Blueberry potion  not only makes hair feel good, it smells good too! Made just for children, this product contains no sulphates or parabens. 
It gently and effectively cleanses and moisturises, leaving hair soft and manageable. Enriched with organic Sage, Comfrey and Parsley to help strengthen and promote scalp circulation, your child’s hair will look glossier and healthier with regular use. With more than 95% natural content, our formulation is gentle on the eyes and skin, and is suitable for all ages and hair types. 
Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts
Sage – Encourages hair growth and improves scalp circulation
Comfrey – Nourishes and conditions, while restoring sheen and volume to hair
Parsley – Helps to balance the sebaceous glands for scalp health

The Shampoo works really well on the kids. Very gentle going though their hair, feeling soft and smell really good ! 

Apply and massage gently into hair and scalp. Add water to create lather, if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and follow with pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner.
Hydrating Conditioner in Green Apple Whoosh
A green apple a day, keeps dry hair away. pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner is formulated with natural emollients and rich protein that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to effectively condition and hydrate.
Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts
Alfafa – Strengthens hair and scalp and encourages hair growth
Calendula – Soothes sensitive scalps and protects hair from free radicals
Elderflower – Conditions scalp and adds body and luster to hair

Use pout’s Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner after shampooing hair with one of pout’s Natural Shampoo range. Dispense a small amount and finger comb gently through hair. Leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Emilie's hair tangles with no reason. I don't know why but this hydrating conditioner really helps alot. Emilie's hair is much softer and less tangles.

Here you goes~ If your kids hair really tangles alot, use this - Natural Detangler .
Pout’s Peaches & Cream Natural Detangler is the only ‘treat’ you’ll need for your child’s hair! This treatment detangler contains beneficial Argan oil high in antioxidants, which promotes healthy hair growth and helps treat split ends. It is formulated with organic Alfafa, Calendula and Marshmallow root extracts that nourish the scalp and give luster to hair. Hair is softer, silkier and more manageable and has a healthy, attractive shine. Perfect for use upon waking up or after play or swim, it will help keep your child’s hair neat and fresh. With a delectable Peaches and Cream scent that kids will love, this product is suitable for all ages and hair types.
Emilie's hair always tangle up a lot in the morning. She will yell badly when i comb upon her hair now we have the detangler she felt much better now and wont break her hair.

Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts
Alfafa – Strengthens hair and scalp and encourages hair growth
Calendula – Soothes sensitive scalps and protects hair from free radicals
Marshmallow – Nourishes the scalp promoting healthy hair growth and luster

Last but not least, Natural Hair Wax in Huckleberry Sorbet.
Looking for a natural hair wax to hold styles in place? pout’s Huckleberry Sorbet Natural Hair Wax is your ‘huckleberry’! It provides a medium to firm hold that keeps hair styles in place with a matte finish.  This texturising non-greasy hair wax is made with organic Burdoch root, Rosemary and Yarrow extracts that strengthen hair, and decrease hair breakage. It conditions as it styles making hair easier to manage, and adds hydration and luster. With the delectable scent of Huckleberries, this product is sure to be a winner with your child! Suitable for all ages and hair types.

Contains the goodness of these organic plant and flower extracts
Burdoch root – Decreases breakage and repairs hair while adding sheen, hydration & luster
Rosemary – Encourages healthy hair, increases manageability and adds shine
Yarrow – Effective for treating dandruff, itchiness, scalp irritation and oily scalp

Looks at Ethan's hair really hold up very well :) The Hair wax is not greasy and very easy to style.  Shall style his hair tomorrow for his casting. 
The wax smells good too..
The Pout Care Range designed in a handy bottle, with fascinating characters.
With prince/princes and horses, really caught the kid's attention. 
At first, the gummy smell of the shampoo makes me feel the shampoo works just like the usual one outside that you could brought easily. But after one use, you can actually feel the hair texture is different. Really soft, and it feel like you just use a magic potion on it.
How can kid hair shampoo smell so good and last so long. Really unfair ! haha^^

Check out the Pout Care Range here.


Why Pout Care?

We understand children’s hair.
Beginning as a child-specialty hair salon and then as a distributor of quality hair brands, we eat, sleep and breathe shampoos everyday. That means we know all about what children like and dislike, and what ingredients are good and bad for their tender skin.

So we poured all that knowledge into designing the pout Care Range for Children. We envisioned it to have a high natural content, fortified with organic plant extracts. We also wanted it to be fun for our children to use, so that they can look forward to bath times, making it easier for parents!
We use ingredients that are safe and effective for your child.
We chose Australia for its high standards of manufacturing and its emphasis on sustaining the environment. Children have sensitive skin and scalp, so we ensure that pout’s gentle formulations are suitable for children of all ages. We use natural ingredients without any harmful sulphates and parabens to clean and hydrate. We also add a variety of organic plant and flower extracts sourced in Australia, such as Alfafa, Sage and Rosemary, to help enrich and strengthen children’s hair. Every product is formulated and tested in an ISO certified laboratory, with no animal products or testing. You can thus be assured that the pout Care Range is safe for your child and for the environment.

We know what makes your child tick.
To help fire up your child’s imagination, we’ve designed it so that pout Care bottles form a colourful carousel. Collect all the product bottles and create a carousel by putting them together in a circle. Each product features a fun poem describing the adventures of the character associated with the product. Join the knight in his quest to slay a dragon, or help the witch to fly. With delightful fruit-based scents such as blueberry, apple and peach, keeping your child entertained during bath times has never been easier!
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