Fresver Beauty Giveaway - Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy Review

Aside from daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Facial treatment is another bonus to your skin for further maintain:)
Thanks you, Fresver Beauty for the Hydra Perfect Facial treat! 

 Fresver Beauty was established in Singapore since 1988 - Over 28 years!
Focus in bringing the latest technology and best products sourced from around the world. 
Visited one of their branch located @ 5 Tampines Central 6 #01-23 Telepark Singapore 529482. Easily easily accessible by mrt/buses(Tampines).
Upon entering the salon, the beautician usher me to the consultation room, handed me a form to fill up my skin condition, and any particular skin concern..etc.
Skin analysis done with a beauty device, my consultant informed me that some of my specific skin concerns are:
Combination skin (oily T-zone)
Dehydrated and weakened skin immunity (low in collagen regeneration)
Mild sensitivity 

Aging is scary. Please let me age beautifully...  Without further-ado lets check out my
 Hydra Perfect Facial treatment!
A breakthrough product of their latest innovation, Hydra Perfect is a multi-function machine that is able to target a wide variety of skin problems. Coupled with their exclusive range of top – tier products, the effectiveness is multiplied up to 100 times!

Also won award for Best Perfecting Facial by Singapore Women’s Weekly !
Welcome Aroma Ritual combined with Face/Head Massage and a double cleansing.
 I love how facial massage combined with aroma ritual, super relaxing and making you very comfort.
Face Steaming.
After the cleansing steps done, here come the Hydra Exfoliation+ optimal solution
Hydra Exfoliation is a new technology that uses water to exfoliate, unlike traditional forms of exfoliation; it won’t thin or damage skin (suitable for sensitive skin like yours). 
The device gives a alternating pulses of gentle vacuum suction and vortex technology.
No pain at all. The therapist add on a customized softening ampoule that helps to dissolve debris and dead skin. With the Vortex technology pushes the product deep into the dermis layer of skin, pores are decongested and cleaned thoroughly. 
Looking at the mirror with a clearer and clean skin.
This step is really important in preventing future breakouts that occur when pores are clogged, as well as to allow nutrients from skincare products to penetrate the skin.

The remaining debris is much softened and easy to removed by extraction. 
Of cause, less painful.

Next up with Cryoboost Calming Therapy + revitalizing ampoule
Cryoboost is a refreshing therapy that is especially great for dry, sensitive or troubled skin.  
The therapist used a revitalizing ampoule according to my skin condition. It helps to boost my skin’s immunity and deliver a burst of nutrients to my weak and sensitive skin. At the same time, it also helps my skin repair itself, so that moisture or serums delivered can be absorbed deep into the skin. 
Using an exclusive carrier plate that emits microsonic waves, this machine gently pushes a customized serum into the skin. The icy cool plates of the machine, brings down skin temperature to tighten pores and close it up after extraction, soothing skin and reducing redness.

As a result of brightens, tightens and lifted skin.

Next up with Hydra Boost + customized power serum & hyaluronic acid.
My skin are too dry that my therapist added this Booster in my treatment.
My therapist also infused your skin with another customized power serum (for cell regeneration, skin repairing, increased collagen production and brightening) & hyaluronic acid to moisturize my dry skin. 
Using electroporation technology, increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing the power serum to be delivered deep into every skin cell. This ensures that every cell gets a good, full dose of the power serum and that it is being locked within the skin. 

3 main types:
 Red- for normal to aging skin, lifting properties
Blue- for dehydrated, dry, sensitive or damage skin, soothing and calming properties
Purple – for combination skin, lifting plus soothing (red + blue)

Mine is the Purple one to treat my dry skin :) There is also a feel of electric sensation that is totally not harm to your skin but to stimulate and build the collagen.

Last but not least, a customized mask combined with a shoulder massage.
Shoulder massage is love. So good to break my knot and feeling less tense up.
Very comfortable one!
The Therapist ended the whole treatment with a last facial massage.
The whole Hydra Perfect Facial + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy is really perfect in time for my dry skin. Instantly boosted my skin with all the goodness. My skin is also looks brighter, lifted and as well looking much enegized! 

Well, I glad to tell you that Fresver Beauty is here to Giveaway.

So do Quote “BG-Kelynn1” for a Complimentary Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy (for first 30 redemptions)
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To redeem: 
SMS your Name, Age and the Trial Code to 9011 1234. 

-For first time customers of Fresver Beauty aged 21-65 years old, with SG, PR, S or E Pass ONLY
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-Promotion ends 31 July 2016
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