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5 Best Halloween Nails Inspiration 2016 - You should try !

In the mood for Halloween? And don't feel like dressing up too complicated and troublesome ? How about a Halloween Nails ! That's another looks you can think of!!

Below is the 5 Best Halloween Nails Inspiration 2016 - You should try !

The Pumpkin monster.

Reunrom Product Series at Karmart.

First, i bet you have heard Karmart before whether it is online or a store at bangkok.
Karmart carries many product brand such as Cathydoll,Babybright,Crayon etc and now with Reunrom.

 Reunrom Brand Profile: 
One of the most prominent brands under KARMART corporation, Reunrom delivers to consumers all natural beauty products built upon the use of traditional Thai herbs and spices. The brand establishes itself upon the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and protection of environment, precluding use of additives and preservatives while engaging only the most natural ingredients to guarantee product quality and safety for use among consumers. The herbal series also tastefully integrates natural scents in the formulation process, extracting natural elements from fruits and plants to create the highest quality products which deliver soothing and calming sensations with every use.

NEW* Kinetic Jet Energy Technology @ Cambridge therapeutics.

I'm super excited to share with you guys of me experienced the new technology - Kinetic Jet Lift. Thanks you Cambridge therapeutics for having me.

I know that having thread-lift/botox is good enough to give me a lifted V look but added on with kinetic jet lift gives me a even more defined look and my face looks totally plumped up.
The Kinetic JETLIFT is a new facelift treatment is one of the few in Singapore that uses Kinetic Energy to tighten and rejuvenate the face.

Kelynn's thought on Twinkle Baby

Thanks you Twinkle Baby for sending the above product which will really come in handy for me and my children. If you guys followed my blog or instagram, you guys will know that I'm a person who loves essential oil. Lavender, peppermint or lemongrass is my favourite.
Mostly for de-stress, insomnia etc. 

Twinkle Baby is a Singapore-based company that's proud to produce all-natural goods in small batches at their home country, ensuring customers the maximum freshness. 
Since Twinkle Baby began they have advocated the wellness-oriented lifestyle of Singaporeans and strive to increase awareness and use of organic products within their community, especially for new mums and young families. 

Well, if you did love to find out more about how they started? Hope on to http://twinkle.com.sg/about/

Hydrabrasion Facial Experience with Glomax Aesthetics.

Have not been doing facial for months. I believed that beside our daily skincare routine , we should pamper our skin once a month by treating them a perfect facial.

So I visited Glomax Aesthetics last friday. Glomax Aesthetics located at SOHO 2 The Central, Singapore 059819 (Above Clarke Quay Station) !! 
Glomax Aesthetics have been established since 8 years ago by a group of experienced beauty therapist in beauty industry over 15 years.
What i love about them is they only recommend the treatment which are suitable for their clients skin condition, and totally no hard selling and pushy.